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  • subypower
    Jan 3, 2004
      i am going to do a MD AT section hike some time during march or
      april, and anyone and all are invited. i think early spring should be
      great and should not be crowded because the thru hikers wont be in
      the area yet. my basic plan it to start in harpers ferry wv. and hike
      to somewhere in PA, i dont know where it will stop depending on what
      anybody else who comes along has time for. i all ready have 2 others
      plus myself.

      typicaly the temps run from 70 to 30's at that time of year, with the
      possiblty of much colder ( in case of a late winter ). and for anyone
      out of the area, i can pick ya up at BWI airport.

      most likely this will be a 4 day hike thru a fairly easy section of
      the AT, so it should be good for the slightly less expirenced or those
      who have gotten lazy over winter ( like myself ).

      and ed if you want you can and i would like this be be a hammock
      hangers hike.

      white knight