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4281[Hammock Camping] Re: Ed's Winter Hammock Hike

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  • Coy
    Jan 2, 2004
      Ed (and Dave)

      sounds like an awsome trip. Will be looking for all the details in
      the news letter. Done looked at my scedual for next year. work new
      years day again. shucks! who said retirment aint all the great.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Happy New Year all!
      > My 85 mi hike on the Benton MacKaye Trail went very well.
      Youngblood and I
      > left the north trailhead in TN on 23 Dec and reached the southern
      > on Springer Mtn, GA 30 Dec. We skipped some of the road walks,
      but the rest
      > of the trail is very enjoyable with high mountain ridges and
      > traverses. The weather was almost perfect with cold nights and
      cool days
      > (18-55F). Rain fell only twice--both times at night after we had
      > set up camp. Some cold wind above 3,000' provided a real test.
      In fact, we
      > were able to test our stay-warm hammock gear in varying conditions
      > elevations. A more detailed trip report will be in the January
      > Camping newsletter (due soon!).
      > Youngblood certainly won the smallest backpack prize and put me to
      > but we were both carrying extra gear for the actual field
      testing. Dave's
      > "Winter Tarp" was also a clear winner in the cold wind. However,
      we both
      > stayed warm--Dave with his multiple closed-cell foam pads and me
      with my
      > down PeaPods and Top Blankets.
      > The highlight of the trip was certainly the hiker gathering atop
      > Mtn on New Year's Eve! We had about 25 hikers, including about 5
      > southbounders who were finishing their AT thru hike! Everyone
      enjoyed the
      > unseasonably warm temps and clear sky. Good food and drink were
      enjoyed by
      > all. The sunset on NYE and sunrise on NYD were absolutly awesome--
      a fitting
      > way to end one year and start another one! Karen and I hammocked
      > tarps and watched the moon and stars for hours and then watched
      with awe as
      > the sun slowly rose above the mountain ridge to the east! Risk
      drove from
      > Ohio and also set up his hammock near the summit--thanks for
      showing me all
      > of your home-made gear Risk; very well done.
      > For those who missed this gathering--you'll not have another
      chance until
      > next year. Plan now to attend!
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