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4279RE: [Hammock Camping] Wallcreeper-not nec. a new idea:

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  • Chet Clocksin
    Jan 2, 2004
      I guess that's what I'm trying to determine: Does the Wallcreeper funtion as both my insulating layer and my sleeping/quilt well enough to replace my existing bag and a seperate insulating layer, not only saving weight, but reducing bulk as well? The price tag seems very reasonable, and although the Raku looks excellent, its way out of my league on price.
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Wallcreeper-not nec. a new idea:

      Thanks for the link to the Wallcreeper....I think it would look good
      in a day pack and would be perfect with the Hilleberg BivAnorak...I
      went through my gear loft to see if I had anything close and here is
      what I found:


      Of course my mil-surplus model is not as nice as the Wallcreeper but
      it does show that the concept is not new.
      If you like the idea of sleeping in something you can wear check out
      Nunataks Raku:


      The Raku is sweet sweet and oh so sweet until you look at the price

      Like many things that try to be more than they are they often end up
      doing nothing well (surely that has been stated much better by great
      minds elsewhere), and the Wallcreeper and the Raku in my opinion are
      still compromises that hammock campers need not fret over.

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