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422Understanding the Hennessy Hammock

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  • geoflyfisher <geoflyfisher@yahoo.com>
    Feb 5, 2003
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      Tom Hennessy's web site is great for learning about the use of his
      hammock and something about its potential advantages. Since I am an
      engineer at heart, it is also useful for me to see how something is
      done, and how it is made. (Yeah, I got the nack.)

      Tom's Patent is very complete and has great drawings of the Hennessy
      system. I recommend it for reading for anyone who is considering
      purchase and does not have access to one of the hammocks to examine.

      I point out that the patent I found does not address the issue of the
      asymetrical design recently introduced. Whether this is the subject
      of a subsequent patent I do not know.

      A great place to look at patents is right from the horse's mouth at:


      If I remember right, you need to install a free viewer for the
      pictures in patents. The site tells you how this can be done.

      The Hennessy Hammock patent is # 6389620 dated 21 May 2002.

      Update: UPS says my hammock is "out for delivery" today. Maybe it
      will be on my front porch when I arrive home.

      Rick aka Flyfisher <><
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