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4140Re: down quilts

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  • ciyd@attbi.com
    Dec 16, 2003
      You might consider Primaloft insulation instead. It's not as
      compressible or as long lasting as down, but it is better than
      Polargard IMHO. There are bedding manufuacturers that make Primaloft
      quilts for those with down allergies. My underquilt uses Primaloft
      since my winter camping is wet wet wet and I would anticipate that
      down would absorb too much moisture from the humidity.

      anyway, a consideration.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Vera Lehmkuhl <vjl_47@y...>
      > I would love to use down in anything, however I am
      > allergic to it. NOt badly but puffy eyes and annoying
      > nose watering. Has anyone experimented with some kind
      > of barrier or sil possibly that might block the down
      > stuff that causes allergic reactions? The new I think
      > Mountainsmith bags are supposed to be down proof but
      > arenot...I slept in one...
      > vera
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