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4130Re: mini trip report from the DAM guy

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 15, 2003

      I take it you are just going to ignore the cat, beagle and DAM envy
      comments? Heck, I put a lot of thought into those. <grin>

      About your toes touching the top of your adventure racer, seems like
      that could be one or a combination of several factors: (1) You didn't
      raise the foot end of your hammock enough to position yourself
      forward enough in your hammock. And/or (2) the DAM raises you up a
      little too high in your smallish hammock. And/or (again) (3) you are
      just too big for the adventure racer.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "biker135803" <pjbucca@c...>
      > Dave,
      > The fact that the length of the DAM was smaller than my height
      > wasn't the problem because the part of my feet that got cold were
      > toes. I solved the "feet over the side of the pad" problem in my
      > reflectix days by putting my clothes at the foot of the hammock and
      > my feet over the top of them. My toes probably touched the top of
      > the HH-the adventure racer has a tiny compartment-less than one
      > excess length at my foot and my head.
      > Which body parts were not on the pad? When laying on my back,
      > everything was on the pad and I slept like a tired dog. When I lay
      > on my side, my butt hit the hammock on one side and my knees hit on
      > the other. I tried sleeping on my side by straightening out my
      > legs, but I don't think humans were ment to do that.
      > I didn't even try to inflate the DAM in the hammock. Instead
      > inflated it on the ground. When I came home, I cut a piece of
      > the size of he DAM to put on the ground for future inflations to
      > keep briars, etc away. I can also use the Tyvek as a ground cloth
      > for food prep or just resting as you do.
      > Paul
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