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  • polecatpop
    Dec 15, 2003
      What a great group

      Yes, These are dead weight static values. They should be considered
      a starting value for any real safety factors etc. Obviously Ed and
      Tom with their respective geniuses have already taken into account
      dynamic loading and safety factors.
      I thought it was just a way to see what stress we were putting on
      the tree.

      If I understand Daves point, it doesn't matter how tight I hang my
      HH, the required sag is set by the ridge line. As long as I get the
      ridge line tight, but not to tight, all should be well.

      What a group, thanks for all the input


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Womble" <dpwomble@y...>
      > Ralph,
      > You may or may not be aware of this so pardon me if you already
      > this. The Hennessy Hammock that you are using is fundamentaly
      > different from the Speer Hammock (and probable most others as
      > in that it incorporates an integral hammock ridgeline. This
      > hammock ridgeline sets the sag of the hammock and in practice
      > the sag of the hammock support lines a non-issue, except for the
      > loading and stress of the the hammock support lines and the
      > ridgeline. I think the stretch in the nylon tree huggers on the
      > prevent you from actually loading the hammock support lines much
      > about 15 to 20 degrees (just my guess) unless you work real hard
      > pulling the hammock taut (which is something you don't want to do).
      > With the Speer Hammock, the hammock sag is determined by the sag
      > the hammock support lines so they directly effect the comfort, or
      > if you will, of the hammock.
      > Dave
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "polecatpop"
      > wrote:
      > > O great wizards of the woods.... What angles are you using for
      > > utmost stability and comefort?
      > >
      > > Ralph
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