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412RE: Hammock Camping BUild your own

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  • Ed Speer
    Feb 3, 2003
      Steve, the largest chapter in my book is How To Make Your Own Hammock.  In addition, I'll be giving a free workshop on making your own at the Long Distance Hikers Assoc Gathering in Hanover, NH in October.  Also, some helpful web site links are given in the book & in past issues of Hammock Camping News.  The links below should get you started.  Best of luck with your project...Ed
      Hammock Camping  (the book)
      The Complete Guide to Greater Comfort, Convenience and Freedom
      Hammock Camping News (Monthly e-zine)
      Is there a resource to show folks how to build there
      own hammock. How to add mosquito netting etc? I 've
      given it a quick look and no How-tos
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