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402RE: Hammock Camping Franken pad and bride of Frankenpad

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  • Ernest Engman
    Feb 2, 2003

      The pad I use serves a couple of purposes.


      1. Wind/air barrier. It is made of aluminum coated close cell foam pad. I can use it alone in cool but not cold temps by turning it shiny side down and preventing air circulation.
      2. Since it is also foam, it adds a light and small layer of insulation.
      3. It serves as a ground pad under the hammock when I lay it on the ground to stay warm. It is wide and long enough for that. Often when having to do this, the ground isn’t dry and no sense getting the fabric wet.
      4. Closed cell foam pads work better against a non-breathable barrier than against a breathable material like than hammock. See this excellent post by youngblood: http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?s=10900e520cfd29662ed8485b43febff2&threadid=359


      I say heat reflectors are snake oil, because the science that says they are a radiant heat reflector for someone sleeping in a hammock is highly flawed.


      Ernest Engman

      AKA SGT Rock





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      Sarge: Thanks for the R&D work. I'm dreaming along the same lines. That's what the evazote "shawl" is about -- extra width between the hips and shoulders.


      But I need to make a cloth casing to hold the wings so they're detachable, rather than permanent, so I can roll it all up in a single, 24-inch wide roll. How do you pack the Frankenpad?


      And if, as you say, "heat reflectors are snake oil" why do you use a windshield reflector? Why not just another pad?




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