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  • Robert Moore
    Dec 6, 2003
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      So many questions and many I cannot answer because in all honesty I have not taken the Ponderosa/Crib on a hike yet....our last 2 sections we slacked ( I had done them before and La AquaNa needed them, they were around Hotsprings NC so we took the opportunity to use the hot springs after each hike-luxury hiking!).....The system I have hiked with is the taco/HH with varying insulation.
      The 6'6" Ponderosa had no problem covering up my head and still providing good (well complete) coverage of the foot area.....but not wanting condensation inside I ordered the Nunatak balaclava to use in this system.
      The Crib does lay differently than the HH, and though I have the a-sym I never slept crosswise in it and wont in the Crib....in trials with La AquaNa padding me down to see if the down was every compressed we found that wasnt even in the fetal position--so with that I'm thinking the Ponderosa may not be as wide in the middle as the peapod, it is still a wide bag....which makes me wonder what the Spear PeaPod will cost when it comes out in down????
      As far as wind driven rain/snow....I use the Golite Cave2 tarp instead of the OME fly that came with the HH...I like it for the real estate below though it is a heavy tarp at around a pound....but it is so large I havent had any problems with the driven water-I did with the OME with some intense horizontal rain behind Albert Mtn shelter, my underquilt got wet but I was still warm, it was then that I switched to the Cave2....
      Yes my Crib has 2 straps but when weighted and pulled tight they are essentially one strap leaving the hammock....did you look closely at the pics I posted at whiteblaze.net of the setup? if so you saw that the foot end appears only to have one strap leaving the foot box.....
      Ok, sorry I was late and missed your questions....I do love the Ponderosa, we have taken it on many a hike to sleep under as a comforter in the motel or hostel and its original intent was paddle camping where the kayak doesnt care how much it weighs :)
      Medicine Man
      oooo, forgot, here in the shadow of Roan Mountain it hasnt gotten above 24 degrees all day.

      Coy <starnescr@...> wrote:

      I seee no one answered your questions, mine either, so I'll give you
      what I know and what I suspect.  See below.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mittelman
      <rmittelman@s...> wrote:
      > Robert,

      > I am considering buying a hammock and need either a new winter bag
      for a January snow shoeing trip to northern Maine, or an overbag for
      my long mummy bag that is comfortable into the single digits.  Hence
      my interest in your Crib/Ponderosa set up.  I have a few questions:

      > 1) what length Ponderosa do you have?  I would think that the 7'
      would be best for Pea Pod use, but for my overbag needs, 6' 6"
      should be sufficient.  I don't plan on using a hammock on my Maine

      I would think the 7 foot version would be best with a speer type, 
      The crib is shorter by a little and is wider at each end.  it uses 2
      straps and it dosent quite come together at the ends like a Soeer or
      Hennessy.  The bag will still need to slide down the hammock a
      little but with a 7 foot bag it would be close to being able to zip
      it closed at the middle of the foot end where the hanging strap
      exits the bag.

      > 2) Coy has a post where he questions using a Ponderosa as a Pea
      Pod for a Speer hammock.  I haven't seen a response from you, but
      thought I'd ask if you have any thoughts on the subject.

      The Crib is narrower than the Speere so I may try to make a Speere a
      little narrower.  I don't think the Ponderosa is as big in the
      middle as Eds PeaPod.

      > 3) how does the Crib sleep relative to your Hennessey?  Which is
      more comfortable and why?  Do you sleep in the Crib on the diagonal,
      as in the Hennessey and Speer?  If not, how do you avoid the banana
      shape?  Will sleeping on the diagonal be possible when using the
      Ponderosa as a Pea Pod, given the barrel shape of the Ponderosa?

      I have a Crib but mine uses the hoops so mine dosn't pinch at the
      shoulders as much as the regular Crib.  I have tried mine without
      the spreaded bars (hoops) and it definatly closes around me tighter
      than my hennessys do.  But it is still very confortable.  I sleep a
      little flatter in the HH than I do in the Crib especially sans the
      spreader hoops.

      > 4) have you used the Crib/Ponderosa in snowy, windy conditions? 
      If so, was snow blowing into the hammock a problem?

      I imagine the head sticking out will allow some blowing snow around
      the face area but hanging the tarp low and devising a wind break
      with spare rain jacket etc at the head end will help.  When using
      the Ponderosa as a PeaPod I doubt the netting would be in use even
      though it helps block a little wind and most snow.  Maybe throw a
      Frogg Togg top over my head if the snow was blowing that bad.

      > Thanks.

      > Bob Mittelman

      Coy Boy

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