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3935amazing design ideas

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  • Risk
    Dec 4, 2003
      > Some amazing design ideas floating around here. Too bad we dont' all
      > work for a hammock design company with lots of capital, seamstresses,
      > and time!
      > ciyd

      Ahh.. we are just a little co-op working out some designs of some
      things we find it hard to buy. We build them ourselves. Maybe we
      will start selling them. Ed already has.

      There was a little co-op of amateur radio operators who could not get
      the radios they wanted back in the 50s. They started doing some
      inventing and some outsourced manufacturing. Now they are famous for
      batteries. You have been in their store: Radio Shack.

      There was a little co-op of climbers who could not get quality
      climbing equipment in the US. They went together to buy some of the
      good european stuff. Then they sold it here to each other. You have
      been in their store: REI.

      We don't need lots of capital or seamstresses. We do need ideas and

      Let's keep pushing the envelope.

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