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3926Re: [Hammock Camping] TravelPod weight:

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    Dec 4, 2003
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      > I'm making my own TravelPod just now. It will have rather heavy
      > waterproof fabric in the bottom (80 g/m2 ~ 3 oz/y2) and a light
      > Pertex DWR on top (50 g/m2 ~ 1.9 oz/y2). It will have a full Velcro
      > opening and drawstrings at the ends.
      > With a waterproof bottom the pod can double as a ground sheet/ bivvy
      > bag for those occations when there are no trees. At least thats my
      > intention. New name: BivvyPod? I hope it will work. What do you think?
      With the waterproof on bottom design, you may be able to twirl the
      waterproof over your head for rain protection from infrequent showers.
      (Just grab one side and start moving the velcro to under you.)
      However, you will need to be resistant to claustrophobia to stay that
      way for long. Call it the RotaBivy. :)

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