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3923RE: [Hammock Camping] TravelPod weight:

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Dec 4, 2003
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      A few comments in line:

      Quoting David Chinell

      But here are the ideas I'd like to incorporate
      > into a pod of my own some day.
      > Drawstrings: A drawstring at either end, secured in the
      > middle of the casing, but otherwise just a cord running
      > through the casing. This lets you gather the material around
      > the outside of the hammock, and secure the pod to the
      > hammock even when the zippers are opened and detached.

      One modification I want to test is a GI like cord on each side at the junction
      between top and side. This will allow the insulation to stay in contact with
      the bottom of the hammock even if the zipper is opened. This may be what you
      are saying.
      > Zippers: A short, one-way, separating zipper running from
      > the pod end to my nose on either end, met by a long,
      > two-way, separating zipper in the middle. I'd rather have a
      > two-way separating zipper with the runners facing each
      > other. The idea would be that you could make the runners
      > meet wherever you wanted, and leave a breathing hole of
      > whatever size over your face. But Ed and others say it's not
      > possible. So using two zippers is a compromise. Using three
      > makes the pod bidirectional. (I.E. it doesn't have a head
      > end and foot end.)

      I have not found a way to build a zipper like you suggest. They are not on the
      market as a pre-built. It's easy enough to have an opening zipper, like a
      suitcase, but then the ends don't open. One goal is to be able to slip this
      device on a hammock without taking down either end. That requires a separating
      zipper. Such a beast should be possible, just not available right now.

      I also dreamed of a symetric, bidirectional TravelPod. However I discovered
      that my shoulders need a lot more room than my knees. If I keep that much room
      down by my knees, then the bag is too big. The only solution I am happy with is
      a non-symetric pattern.

      I could use two zippers, but having all that hardware hanging around my face is
      not a perfect solution. Using buttons between my face, where the zipper stops,
      and the head end is a simple and elegant solution that works. All but one of
      the buttons is fastened before getting in the hammock. And that one is seldom

      A couple other improvements are on the drawing board as well.
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