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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 2, 2003
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      I don't think that it is wrong to buy it, take it home, try it out
      and then return it if you don't like it enough to keep it. That is
      one of REI's selling points and I think they are serious about it.
      Sometimes that is the only way you can see what a product really is--
      and certainly something like the Hennessy Hammocks needs to be tried
      out... it is different from your average shelter. I would be
      reluctant to buy any backpacking hammock without the understanding
      that I could return it after I got a chance to get it and try it
      out. With the local REI, you can return it without incurring
      shipping charges that you would likely have to absorb if you weren't
      able to buy locally. Use that to your advantage and don't feel as if
      you are doing something wrong, because you're not. I think the other
      backpacking hammock manufacturers will let you 'try out' there
      products (maybe by buying and then returning), but I suspect that
      they will want you to pay the shipping charges.

      REI has been selling the HHs since last year and I have observed
      their employees several times when potential customers asked about
      them. Usually the employee hasn't used one and therefore doesn't
      have much to say about them, but one time I saw an employee who had
      used one on a thru-hike and he was very informative. I think he
      pulled it out and hung it up between two shelves to give the customer
      some idea as to what it looked like. But, they obviously couldn't
      get in and try it out.


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      > > I just looked at the REI website for the first time in a long
      > > and they are selling HH! What a surprise!
      > > Marsanne
      > Hi, Marsanne. When I was in the market for a hammock a couple of
      > months ago, I dropped by the new REI near my home. While they had
      > HH exped asym in stock (and I do mean one, and only the exped
      > they didn't have anywhere to put it up. The sales person wasn't
      > very excited about taking it out of the bag, and they obviously
      > wouldn't let me take it home to try it out. (In retrospect, I
      > thought I could have just bought it, and taken it home to try out
      > with the intention of returning it, but am not sure I'm comfortable
      > with the ethics of that...) So, while I agree that they are now
      > selling them - they sure aren't selling them very well at my local
      > REI!
      > Cheers!
      > Steve
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