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3878Re: [Hammock Camping] Not a banana (starting out)

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  • Thomas
    Dec 2, 2003
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      Chris Aguilera wrote:

      > Any tree hangers near Sonora, CA who would let me "take a nap" as
      > white knight puts it below? I'd be interested in looking at any and
      > all brands of backpacking type hammocks.
      Hey Chris,

      Near being a relative term I am in Bakersfield California and would be
      happy to help you out if'n by near you mean the same state. (At least
      I'm a lot closer than them East Coasters!!!)

      I have a couple of spear type hammocks a Bana Travel hammock and I can
      get my hands on at least one and maybe two Hennessey hammocks with a
      little bit of notice.

      Pura Vida
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