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3873Re: [Hammock Camping] Not a banana (starting out)

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  • subypower
    Dec 1, 2003
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      well chris i use a HH expidition asym, and love it

      the reasons i like it are :

      i move a lot during the night and i think it has more room than a

      i like the bottom entry for bug reasons, it is fast and no bugs get
      in as well ( bad bugs where i live ... MD )

      i like the bug net in the winter too it does help hold a little heat

      it is cheaper than almost all the other hammocks

      what i dont like are (HH):

      well i drew a blank

      i have tried a speer but not slept in it and my opinions are :

      i think it is a little narrower and i feel more confined in it

      i do like the top entry but i think i can do the HH entry just as fast

      i like the idea of the peapod bag

      and the larger fly of the speer is nice but the HH has kept me dry,
      but i am planning on a larger fly ( one side of a hex fly ) for use
      when outside the hammock

      the best thing i can say is get in both and look at em to see what
      you think, you could make a speer type hammock for a comfort test for
      10 bucks ( not for long term use or even for a week )

      if you ask i am sure there is a tree hanger near you some where that
      would let you take a nap

      white knight
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