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3872[Hammock Camping] Re: piece of mind was travelpod and balaclava

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  • subypower
    Dec 1, 2003
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      i use a kelty coyote 4500, which is a 4 lb 3 or so oz pack in stock
      trim. i have or can loose over a pound of that when i want too, i
      like it because i got it cheap and holds 5 days of stuff even during
      the winter. all in side i dont hang stuff on the out side except a
      coat during the winter for easy access during breaks. it has a full
      suspension including load lifters, and i can carry 35 lbs with out
      noticing it ( closer to 25 lbs during the summer )

      the top of the pack is set up to use as a fanny pack when you want i
      removed the straps, because they were annoying.

      white knight
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