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3871RE: [Hammock Camping] TearInMosquitoNetting

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  • firefly
    Dec 1, 2003

      All material still there. Mom fixed it. I learned a lesson about energetic 7 year olds and where they belong and DON’T belong. But it’s clear she’s got that Serious Outdoor Gene, and am thinking of snitching her for a vacation in a couple of years to help her direct that wonderful energy and otherwise corrupt her young mind. Get her away from Barbie Radio, etc…

      Kim, sorry you got cold. We will talk soon.



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      Needle and thread will work.  Better is a zigzag stitch with a machine about 3
      mm wide and 1 mm long.  If all the material is still there, a patch is probably
      not necessary.

      When I heard about the child playing in the hammock, I wondered how it might
      turn out.  


      Quoting canoetrip_2000 <firefly@...>:

      > It's official: The kids are now banned from the HH.

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