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3870Re: [Hammock Camping] boat hammock

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  • Rick
    Dec 1, 2003
      alidisaster wrote:

      >I have a problem. I need to fit more beds in my boat, but can't
      >build in bunks. There isn't enough length to fit in normal hammocks,
      >but I do have a steel roof.
      A couple more ideas:

      A pipe berth:


      A root berth:

      A root berth is usually a wooden bar with a canvas rolled around it. The
      bar has a square at either end that can be dropped into a socket that
      stops it from turning.

      The outboard edge is simply a hunk of pipe slipped into a pouch sewn into
      the canvas.

      In operation the pipe drops into a set of slots.

      The root berth is simply unrolled to the desired sag the sleeper wishes
      and the pipe is dropped into a slot suitable for the sea state.

      In port it functions much like any single bunk, but in slop the extra
      canvas can be unrolled so the sleeper is in a sagging pouch , and the
      pipe end placed into a high slot to preclude rolling out.
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