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  • Rick
    Dec 1, 2003
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      alidisaster wrote:

      >I live in a narrowboat - no hold, cockpit, mast etc. I think the sub-
      >zero temperatures out of the cabin might get me in trouble with
      >social services, if I banished him. lol
      >Current bed is only 6 ft - like most boat beds. How do you sleep on
      >your boat?
      >I've got a nice cotton hammock, with a cloth and rope section. Think
      >I will try attaching spreader bars to it and seeing if I can hang it
      >from some trees. Then when I have a working hammock, I'll put
      >eyebolts in the boat.
      I did a little search on narrowboats. I think I read an article on this
      form of cruising years ago, but had forgotten. Sorry for the joke

      I have two beds on the 22 foot Venture, now marketed as MacGreggor. One
      is the table laid down. The other is under the foredeck. We usually
      sleep under the foredeck so we do not need to put the table up and
      down. The beds are 6 feet, as you say, and I am constantly pressing my
      toes against the bottom, while my head presses against the top... Not
      really comfortable.

      I do believe your iterative solution may be best. You can decrease the
      necessary length some with use of a spreader bar. It will also be
      useful to hang the foot end higher to reduce the tendency of the bottom
      to move to the middle of the hammock, wasting a foot or more of space at
      the head end.

      If it were my experiment, I would use a mounted stout spreader about
      18-24 inches wide at the head and at least 18 inches down from the
      roof. I'd use hammock material 4 feet wide, and use a standard Speer
      knot in the material at the foot end, suspending it about 8 inches
      higher than the head end. With that set up, I think I could fit a
      hammock that fits my 6 foot frame into a 7 foot space. A hammock for a
      five footer could fit in a 6 foot space.

      Let us know how you do. I will be interested.

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