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3864[Hammock Camping] Re: boat hammock

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  • alidisaster
    Dec 1, 2003
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      I live in a narrowboat - no hold, cockpit, mast etc. I think the sub-
      zero temperatures out of the cabin might get me in trouble with
      social services, if I banished him. lol

      Current bed is only 6 ft - like most boat beds. How do you sleep on
      your boat?

      I've got a nice cotton hammock, with a cloth and rope section. Think
      I will try attaching spreader bars to it and seeing if I can hang it
      from some trees. Then when I have a working hammock, I'll put
      eyebolts in the boat.

      > Hmm,
      > I can barely sleep in a bed 7 feet long. Two choices: Give him a
      hammock and
      > have him camp on an island until you return someday, or tie him up
      and throw him
      > in the hold. Well, if he is a good kid, let him sleep in the
      cockpit in a bivy bag.
      > I have considered hanging a hammock between the mast and the
      backstay of my 22
      > foot sail boat - or perhaps from the boom. However, I decided that
      was too
      > crazy for even me.
      > Rick
      > Rick
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