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3860[Hammock Camping] Re: boat hammock

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  • alidisaster
    Dec 1, 2003
      I have about 7 ft - hence the thought about using spreader bars. The
      hammock only needs to fit my son - though it would be great if I
      could fit in it!

      When touring the replica of the Endeavour, I saw the hammocks used by
      the sailors. Officers got fancier models with spreaders. Think they
      used a canvas material.

      I was also thinking; the spreader bars could be curved - so that they
      are holding the ends of the hammock in the curve that a normal
      hammock would have - just doing without that last foot or so of
      fabric at either end.

      I did wonder if the blanket material would be too loose and stretchy -
      seems you guys thought the same.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, ra1@i... wrote:
      > Al,
      > How much room do you have? I keep coming back in my mind to those
      hammocks in
      > the first scenes of "Master and Commander".
      > The inexpensive travel hammock may be able to be held up by an
      eyebolt to which
      > you attach a carabiner at either end. If you have 9 feet of space,
      you should
      > be able to hang any of the Speer like hammocks with minimal webbing
      length on
      > either end.
      > Of course, you have already thought about hanging the hammock
      across the
      > diagonal instead of straight across.
      > As for using blanket material, it may not have the strength of
      ripstop and begin
      > to sag badly when you put your weight in it.
      > Rick
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