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3854boat hammock

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  • alidisaster
    Dec 1, 2003
      I have a problem. I need to fit more beds in my boat, but can't
      build in bunks. There isn't enough length to fit in normal hammocks,
      but I do have a steel roof.

      Sooo . . .
      I was wondering about making some hammocks using spreader bars. I
      know these are usually frowned on because they are unstable.
      However, I could put eye bolts through the roof, so that each end of
      the spreader bar was suspended. Then the hammock couldn't tip over.

      I was thinking of using blanket material for the hammock, doubled.
      then attaching it to the bars via a lacing, so I could adjust the
      side and centre tension.

      Anyone ever constructed anything similar, or have any suggestions?
      How long would a hammock have to be with spreader bars; i.e., how
      much longer than the sleeper?

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