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3853Re: [Hammock Camping] Not a banana (starting out)

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  • Chris Aguilera
    Nov 30, 2003
      Is the Speer the only hammock with the "sweet pocket" for the feet?  I'm getting a hammock for Christmas and I'm having a hard time deciding which one to go with.
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      Date: Sunday, November 30, 2003 2:45 AM
      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] Not a banana (starting out)

      polecatpop wrote:

      >When I try sleeping in a standard backyard hammock I always end up
      >in the banana position,
      >Hennesay seems to have solved the problem by sleeping diagonally.
      >How do the other manufacturers handle the problem of creating a
      >reasonably level sleeping surface.

      Same way.  The Speer and all of my variants of it sleep across the
      diagonal to be reasonably flat.  When I first started sleeping on my
      side,  one of my knees hurt a little.  Crossing my feet removed that pain.

      When I look at photos of us in these hammocks, they look like we are
      bananas.  However, the experience laying/sleeping across the diagonal is
      that it feels flat.  There is a nice sweet pocket for the feet off to
      either side of the middle in the Speer hammock.  Finding this  foot
      pocket is the secret to sleeping on the diagonal.


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