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3833Re: TravelPod - a new insulator

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  • Risk
    Nov 28, 2003
      "Ray Garlington" wrote:

      > Rick,
      > I like this idea. From the picture it looks like the pod is drooping
      > a little in the shoulder area. You might have to add a cinch line to
      > pull up the bottom so that the insulating layer touches your back.
      > I think you will be able to go below zero with that contraption!
      > Ray

      Thanks for the ideas Ray. It began as a symetric bag buttoned from
      head to toe. However, it just took too long to do up the ten central
      buttons with my eyes shut and from the inside. So I got rid of the
      buttons, and added the zipper.

      Actually, the travel pod is a little tight right at my neck, leaving
      less room for air to collect. I think I will add an inch there,
      giving me a little more dead air space. The best way to do the zipper
      is to have an opening zipper at the foot end and to close the last 18
      inches with buttons. That way it can easily be added to an already
      hanging hammock in the middle of a colder than expected night.

      It remains a work in progress.

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