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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 30, 2003
      My feelings too,  Debra.  I assume the Cunningham/Burton table refered to 'stay-alive' temps, not the 'toasty warm' temps I need for comfortable sleep.  Your experience in cold temps confirms this.  Your table is more in line with what I'd recommond to others.  Thanks for compiling it.  I too have culled sleeping bag manufacturer's bag ratings, but also find them too optimistic.  Although I'm still collecting data,  my numbers for recommended hammock bottom insulation are probably going to be very close to yours....Ed
      I don't believe the Cunningham/Burton table.  At least it sure
      wouldn't work for me. Here's a sleeping table put together from my own
      experience and by checking some sleeping bag loft vs temperature
      ratings (but watch out for manufacturer's rating - they can be way
      off).  I may sleep colder than alot of people, but I've been winter
      camping in New  England for years and know what works for me down to
      -26F.  This assumes minimal clothing inside the sleeping bag but use
      in a tent or other environment protected from wind.

      Temp.   Sleeping Bag Loft        Single Thickness
      40         3-3.5                    1.5-1.75
      30         4 inches                   2.0
      20         5.5                       2.75
      10         6-6.5                     3-3.25
      0          7                         3.5
      -10        7.5-8                     3.75-4
      -20        8-9                       4-4.5

      > Gerry Cunningham in "Light Weight Camping Equipment and How to Make
      It" 4th
      > ed. page 117 quotes a table from A.C. Burton, "Man in a Cold
      > Williams & Wilkins Co., 1955. which gives the required thickness
      from skin to
      > the outer garment layer.
      > Temp.  Sleeping  Light Work  Heavy Work 
      >  40°F    1.5"       0.8"       0.20"
      >  20°F    2.0"       1.0"       0.27"
      >   0°F    2.5"       1.3"       0.35"
      > -20°F    3.0"       1.6"       0.40"
      > -40°F    3.5"       1.9"       0.48"
      > -60°F    4.0"       2.1"       0.52"
      > I have tried and failed to find the original work.
      > Bill Murdoch

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