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  • firefly
    Nov 17, 2003
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      I am flooded with emails and missed part of Kim's post, but...I have cut the
      Target pad down to about half length. The reason is I am a side sleeper and
      I curl my legs up. They end up being off the pad anyway. When it's chilly, I
      stick my legs down in my sleeping bag up to about the knees and use the top
      part of the bag as a quilt. I have a Neat Sheet and am going to get a sheet
      of that mylar stuff and put the contraption together before Thanksgiving.
      The guy my boss was supporting for governor (the Indian, it made national
      news) was defeated Saturday so I have time on my hands. I am also going to
      keep my good space blanket and have it to use as an underquilt if it gets
      really cold. I will be sleeping in my parents' back yard Thanksgiving week
      because I need my own space when I am with my family.
      Kim, maybe I need to come over there Saturday and we can play with our
      hammocks. Unless you are going to Ed Speer's weekend? Are you doing that?