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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 29, 2003
      Thanks Bill, that's exactly the kind of table I was thinking about.  The numbers are even close to my own observations, which just confirms my suspection that thickness of insulation is the real key to warmth, not the difference between the various types of insulation.  I'll take everyone's response to my call for their actual personal tests and compile a similar table for hammocks....Ed
      Gerry Cunningham in "Light Weight Camping Equipment and How to Make It" 4th ed. page 117 quotes a table from A.C. Burton, "Man in a Cold Environment", Williams & Wilkins Co., 1955. which gives the required thickness from skin to the outer garment layer.

      Temp.  Sleeping  Light Work  Heavy Work 
      40°F    1.5"       0.8"       0.20"
      20°F    2.0"       1.0"       0.27"
        0°F    2.5"       1.3"       0.35"
      -20°F    3.0"       1.6"       0.40"
      -40°F    3.5"       1.9"       0.48"
      -60°F    4.0"       2.1"       0.52"

      I have tried and failed to find the original work.

      Bill Murdoch

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