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36Cold Weather

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  • Marge Prothman
    Jan 10, 2003
      Hi there, I am new to the list and perhaps I should be looking into the archives for my answers, but will start here.
      I have a Hennessy Explorer Ultralight A-sym hammock. I love the weight 2 lbs 3oz total.  It is another option for me than a tent or tarp which I have used prior. I live at 5600ft level in the Wood River Valley, Sun Valley, Idaho. This past fall I used my hammock in the Sawtooth mountains at  9,500 ft and at night it was 28 degrees F. I had a winshield reflector and my Mt. Washington Pad, all of this did not add signifcant weight to my pack and it did work for me, using extra clothing and my WM ultralight sleeping bag good to 25 degrees F.
      At home, here at 5600ft, I have my hammock rigged up outside the house and the night times lows are 10F - 20F. I have
      yet to come up with a pad that will not let the cold in at the bottom of the hammock. The Windshield Refector and the Mt. Wash. pad just do not cut it.  I am also putting on lots of extra clothes and using the same sleeping bag.
      How do you do it in cold weathr.
      Cheers,   Marge
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