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3432Hammocking at 20 degrees

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  • Steve
    Nov 9, 2003
      Hi, all. Had the second outing with my hammock this weekend in
      Shenandoah (sp?) State Park in Virginia. Had planned on a 2
      nighter, but wasn't able to leave the office in Baltimore til about
      8 Fr night, so drove about half-way there and then put on the trail
      Sat morning. Saturday night was way-cool (in several ways). The
      forecast called for temps in the high-teens. The ranger at the
      visitor center said the latest called for low 20's. The sky was
      crystal clear after sunset, then the moon came up full. As
      the eclipse started, the moon turned orange and gave the entire
      mountain an orange tint. The cold drove me to bed quickly. I
      brought my target blue pad, my full-length tr guidelite (heavy, but
      compresses down to a pretty small package), 20 degree synth bag, and
      a couple of layers (smartwool sock liners, fleece socks (cozy!),
      silk long johns, poly bottoms, a fleece top and hat). I confess
      that I also brought the 'toe warmers' they sell at WalMart...
      Between all this, I stayed cozily warm. I probably went to sleep
      about 9, woke up about 4:30 to answer the call of nature. My toes
      were cold as the toe warmers had 'warmed out', so I replaced them
      with the 2nd pair I conveniently brought, thought briefly about
      getting up to take pictures of the sun rising - decided, nah, it's
      too cold - then slept 'till 8:30! Beautiful night, great night's
      sleep, and stayed warm. Back to GA next weekend to go with my 13-
      year old's Boy Scout troop on the AT south of Unicoi.....definitely
      bringing the hammock!


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