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3403Re: Hammock Camping Re: cold weather heresy

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  • Bror8588@AOL.com
    Nov 4, 2003
      In a message dated 11/4/03 13:08:15 Eastern Standard Time, gwelker@... writes:

      For myself, one of the major reasons I took up hammocking was the savings
      in weight and volume I could achieve by carrying a hammock vs a tent.  For
      many of the coldweather solutions the added bulk swings the balance back
      toward the tent option.

      Weight is one reason but consider the convenience of a hammock when there is no "flat" upon which to set up a tent or when the campsite is filled with noisy campers and you might want to move down the trail a ways.  Added bulk is only necessary if your sleeping bag is light and your pads are inadequate.  If there is not a huge advantage of weight for a tent to be first choice then the many choices offered by a hammock make more sense.

      Of course, each person needs to hike their own hike.  

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