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3394RE: Hammock Camping bag or blanket?

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  • firefly
    Nov 4, 2003

      If you use a sleeping bag as a quilt, instead of making a special quilt, you won’t have the air leakage problem. There is so much more material in the bag, which was designed to go all the way around your body, not just over it. I zip mine up about ΒΌ way, tuck my feet and lower legs in. Then, the weight of your body causes the hammock to close around you and that kind of seals the bag around you. If your pad is wide enough, no air leaks. I use a wide, short Target pad, but only down to just below my knees because I curl up when I sleep and my feet and legs below the knees are in the bag.  The downside is, the bag is probably heavier than just a quilt, but it does the job.






      I keep reading about a preference for using a pad/quilt underneath and
      an open sleeping bag as a blanket. Could someone please describe the
      benefits of this configuration? It would seem that the drafts of cold
      air would have to be a disadvantage... and with any movement through
      the night, there would almost certainly be openings for the cold air
      to pass.


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