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3385RE: Hammock Camping First-time hammocker cool-weather help HERESY!

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  • Ed Speer
    Nov 3 8:53 AM
      My fellings exactly Skylander.  It does sound harsh dosen't it, but I'm just trying to keep people safe.  Personally I have enough experience to know what gear I need to take--but for those folks who don't have that experience yet, I suggest that when temps drop below the comfort range of their hammock gear, they should consider putting their hammock on the ground and getting a warm night's sleep rather than freezing all night trying to stay in a hammock with improper gear.  Experience is the best teacher and they will soon know what gear to carry.  As for me, my life would be complete if I never have to sleep on the ground again!  ...Ed
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      How can you suggest that a hanger go back to the ground where it is hard, lumpy, solid, uncomfortable, etc., when they have once experienced swinging?

      It is possible to keep warm in the air -- it just takes careful preparation.  The ground has a certain chill factor in itself.  Just as a pad keeps the ground from sucking the warmth out of a hanger so a pad and proper clothing and insulation can keep the air from sucking out the warmth.  

      It does take practice and that is the fun part.


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