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3383RE: Hammock Camping First-time hammocker cool-weather help

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  • Ed Speer
    Nov 3, 2003
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      Bunchberry, I'd suggest more warm clothing, such as winter weight long johns &/or fleece sweater and pants PLUS another sleeping pad--maybe a thin inflatable like the ThermARest ultralight. Hopefully this will be overkill, but if not at least you will get a good nights' sleep.  And remember, when it gets too cold for the gear you have--switch to sleeping on the ground and return to the comfort of the hammock when temps go back up...Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping First-time hammocker cool-weather help

      Hello all -- I am a newbie hammocker -- just got a HH a few weeks
      ago, and I've been looking forward to trying it out on a four-day
      solo over next weekend.  The forecasts for next weekend are for temps
      in the 30's in north-central PA, where I'm going.  I won't have a
      chance to sleep out in temps that low before I go:  we're having a
      warm spell here in Philadelphia, and the nighttime temps aren't going
      below the upper 40's. 

      Right now my strategy for staying warm is a 20 degree sleeping bag,
      warm clothing, and a Target blue foam pad.  I'll bring a space
      blanket to put between the pad and the hammock for extra insulation
      if needed.  Do you think this will be OK?

      (I'm generally a warm sleeper.  Saturday night, when I slept out in
      my backyard, I was wearing mid-weight long underwear and was toasty
      in my sleeping bag -- I did put on a fleece vest halfway through the
      night.  The low was 48.)

      Thanks for your help.  Ordinarily I'd like to test my gear a bit more
      before relying on it for a trip like this, but it just hasn't worked
      out that way.


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