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3381Re: Hammock Camping First-time hammocker cool-weather help

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  • Bror8588@AOL.com
    Nov 3, 2003
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      Enjoy the Hammock!  After a night out in low temperature weather you will discover what works.  

      My experience included a night of uncomfortable cold and then three nights of comfort.  The night of cold was instructive.  I learned where I needed more insulation.

      The second through fourth nights I made sure that my pad (uninflated Therm-a-rest) was in place (I still need to get some grippies to keep the sleeping bag in place) and used clothing to fill in some blank spaces.  Temps were in the forties at night.

      When it gets down below forty and perhaps into the twenties I hope that a liner and closed cell pad will suffice.  If not, then there is always more clothing to put on.