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3378Hammock Camping Re: Cold Weather dilema

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  • canoetrip_2000
    Nov 3, 2003
      I would really love to know how you slung the hammock between those
      boulders. You must have had a lot of line. I have a fantasy about
      hanging mine in the Grand Canyon, but you cannot do it on the main
      trails because the rangers will tear you a new one. Except for near
      the rims, the trees are also too small. GC is my favorite place to
      hike, would LOVE to be able to hang HH there. Please share boulder
      hanging method!
      Marsanne (wishing I lived some place colder, not in a swamp)

      > On another note I build a double layered hammock and filled it
      with down
      > on my last trip. I camped one night at 12,000 feet slung between
      > boulders and a few nights in the forest at 10,000 feet.
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