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  • canoetrip_2000
    Nov 3, 2003
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      Hi Group,
      I am seeking input on the below options, with the following goals:
      A: Basic pad/insulator which is used most of the time.
      B: Supplemental insulator used during the coldest temps to provide
      additional insulation.

      I successfully used the combination of closed cell Target pad and
      windshield reflector on my trip to Desolation Wilderness in July.
      Temps in the mid to high 40's. (I used my TNF down bag as a quilt
      and foot box.) However, that pad combination is REALLY bulky to
      pack. I am looking for alternatives. Here are the ones I am
      considering, would like feedback:

      1. Shane's pad, made of Neat Sheet and thin space blanky and pad. I
      cannot find the Neat Sheet locally, have trip this weekend,
      beginning Thursday, no time to order online.
      2. I do have a NICE space blanky, but it is huge and I hate to cut
      it. However, that is what I am considering. I am considering cutting
      it to fit the Target pad, which I have already cut. I can just "sew"
      it to the neat sheet and go ahead and order the Neat Sheet online
      and then add later. Advantage of this is that this space blanky is
      not crinkly like the little cheap ones.
      3. That roll of Reflectix I saw at Lowe's Saturday is calling me. I
      plugged "reflectix" into the search engine here and could not tell
      what the consensus was on its value. It's the same stuff used on the
      car reflectors, and by the guy who makes and sells pot cozys.
      Without being attached to cardboard, it would probably be easier to
      roll up with the pad than the windshield reflector. Does this sound
      like a better alternative than the space blanky? OR:
      4. For really colder weather, should I use the reflectix as an
      underquilt, in addition to some combination of the above? I am going
      to be sleeping in the hammock in my parents' back yard Thanksgiving
      in North Louisiana and it does get cold up there. Temps in the the
      30s in late November are common and I don't want to sleep with my
      5. Or, for an underquilt, Wal-mart sells down throws for $13. How
      about if I take my nice space blanky, hang it under the hammock,
      with the down throw in it?

      I looked for the info on the Garlington insulator but the link was
      not working yesterday.

      Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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