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3353Using leaves in PeaPod for greater warmth

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  • Ed Speer
    Oct 30, 2003
      You've got to love this time of the year--plenty of Nature's own
      insulation covers the ground! At 4,600' elev this weekend, I used
      dry leaves collected from the ground for added insulation in my
      PeaPod! This gave about 3" of additional thickness beneath me--
      keeping me toasty warm in spite of the fact that I was only carrying
      my lite summer gear! I'd expected temps in the 40s, however we
      camped much higher than planned and the temps dropped well into the
      30s. However, I easily supplimented my gear by adding dry leaves--
      imagine greater warmth without carrying extra weight or bulk!

      Actually I've used this trick numerous times before--thus I knew it
      worked before I agreed to camp at such high elevation this weekend.
      I've also found that leaves compact unevenly, so I also used a 1/4"
      thick foam pad and a vapor-barrier sheet atop the leaves to help
      eliminate cold spots. Last winter, I comfortably used as much as 5"
      of compacted dry leaves in my PeaPod in temps down to about 10F!--but
      I also had a winter sleeping bag over the top of me.

      I've posted two photos showing the leaves in my hammock/PeaPod this
      weekend--see 'Ed's PeaPod' album in the photo section of this