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3341Re: Binder clips (was: First Hammock Camping experience)

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  • Yellow Jacket
    Oct 26 2:16 PM
      Consider taking two small black office binder clips (weigh a couple of grams
      each) with you. I use them to hold my wind screen together around my stove
      setup and they make perfect clothes pins. With 2 clips, I can hold my
      pants, shirt and socks across the top my netting (foot end) under the fly.
      This allows them to dry a bit and I don't have to worry about anything
      falling to the ground (or on my person if I put them on the internal
      ridgeline) during the evening from wind or bouncing while I wriggle into my
      silk sheets and bag.

      Yellow Jacket
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      From: "ciyd01" <ciyd@...>
      You can actually use that ridgeline as a slothes line. I drape my
      socks, glove, hat, whatever over the ridgeline. When I get out of
      the hammock, there is just enough snugness between the reidgeline and
      the bugnet to keep theis kind of stuff in place. Hanign a book over
      the ridgeline has not proven as successful.
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