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3306Re: Savage Gulf Trip

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  • Coy
    Oct 19 8:28 PM
      Glad to hear the hike was a sucess. Yall must have come back up at
      The Door. I'll second that it is a tough climb. We did it as a side
      trip as we passed below on our way to Saw Mill. I,m glad I didnt
      have my pack on, just a fanny pack with some water. You should
      check into a good 20 degree bag. I think you can get a good
      syntyhetic for under a $100. Try Dick's Sporting Goods. I saw
      several for around $50 to $80. A 20 degree should see you through
      most winter nights down south. If you don't expect to do a lot of
      winter camping you might even consider a 30 or 40 degree bag, or
      some type of quilt for hammocking.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "kokopellihawk"
      <wildmanr@b...> wrote:
      > Hope everyone is Hanging well,
      > Stone Door is a wonder!!! Started friday and did the Big Creek
      > Trail and the views are beautiful. There was a party of 12 of us
      > we had a great trek to Alum Gap where we set up camp. I was the
      > one that had a hammock and everyone was really checking it out. My
      > setup went great and everything worked as planned. The
      > was great until it got dark and started dropping.....it was a
      > wet cold.....I WILL NOT CARRY a military extreme cold weather
      > bag with me again....it turned out the blasted thing was the
      > thing on my pack. I slept great (felt like I was under a electric
      > blanket!). My set-up, GI jungle hammock, Target Blue pad, Old Quik
      > Shade Tarp and my biggest downfall, GI extreme cold mummy sleeping
      > bag. The reason it was my downfall was....when we broke camp, we
      > quick, My sleeping bag was wet from dew and it was that much
      > My hammock was dry and so was everything else but the blasted bag.
      > broke camp and hiked into the Gulf, We took the Big Creek Gulf
      > out. WOW! The 600 ft drop went well but the 600 ft cimb back up
      > Well....WHEW...I made it. I am now looking to lighten my pack with
      > some kind of new Bag! LOVED HANGING, Hated Bag.
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