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3290Re: Hammocks and Big Agnes

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  • Jim
    Oct 17, 2003
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ncpilot552" <dunn510@b...>
      > Has anyone used this combination in camping? My son is looking
      > buying ta new bag and we already have a hammock from Ed Speers.
      > Please give me some feedback pro and con of this system.
      > Susan

      I have a Horse Theif which I used several times this summer with
      great success, and recently purchased a Lost Ranger two weeks ago
      which I used on a weekend AT hike where the temps fell into the
      lower 40's in the evening. I was toasty warm, using the blanket as
      a quilt more than a bag. I have a Hennessey Expedition Asym that I
      use, although I'm thinking of adding a Speer to my growing
      collection. My one caution that I've seen with the Big Agnes bags
      is that you need to make sure that you have the pad wide enough. I
      supplement the pad that I put in bag sleeve with a 6 section Z-rest
      (I use it for my G4 backpack's frame) under my shoulders and they
      don't get cold at all. I did have some problems with my feet
      sliding off of the narrow part of the pad in the night leading to
      cold feet, but it was more an irritant than anything else.

      I use two variants with my bags, 1) a 3/8 Walmart blue pad cut to
      fit and 2)a 3/8 Walmart pad with a top of Relfectix cut to fit the
      Walmart pad. I used 3M spray adhesive to join the two with
      reasonable success, but it's still to early to tell if it will hold
      up the entire winter. I do not own a Big Agnes made pad, but I might
      look into that at some point.

      In closing, I love my BA bags!

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