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3210Re: Hammock Camping Re: Success at 23 degrees F

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  • Rick
    Oct 6, 2003
      Patrick Harper wrote:

      > Rick, I was just wondering if you have had a problem with condensation
      > with the overlap pad?

      No Patrick, I have never had much of a problem with condensation except
      on top of my sleeping bag/quilt when I do not use a tarp. I have heard
      that others have this problem. I try to regulate my temperature pretty
      closely, getting out of part of my bag if I start getting hot.


      > I bought some velcro tape and two blue pads. I made an overlap pad
      > out of one of them (securing them with velcro) and then I velcroed
      > that to the full length pad (3 layers from shoulder to hips, one laver
      > everywhere else.) I just went on a geology class trip (still in
      > school) to Arkansas this last weekend and used that pad for the first
      > time. I also used a 0 degree slumberjack synthetic bag. I don't
      > think that I really needed all of that, it didn't end up getting that
      > cold. Both nights I had quite a bit of condensation between the pad
      > and the bag. Is this a problem that you have noticed? (I don't THINK
      > that I missed a middle of the night pee break, pretty sure it is
      > condensation!!!) :) This was used in a HH, hence the velcro (Trying
      > not to have it shift on me).
      > Anyway, the pad worked great! I slept in some sweat pant type pants
      > (pretty light weight) and a tee shirt and ended up having to unzip my
      > bag b/c I got too warm. I think that the temp maybe got down to 40s.
      > The good thing is that on the last night of the trip it opened up and
      > poured! My first hammock experience through a rain storm, kept me up
      > checking to be sure I was staying dry ( I didn't have the fly battened
      > down too tightly b/c of condensation). Quite a bit of wind, as well.
      > We were up on the top of one of the Ouachita mtns. Stayed nice and
      > dry, unlike most of the other people. The ground got supersaturated
      > and we ended up with ~1inch puddles everywhere on the ground.
      > Needless to say I think that everybody on the trip is going to look
      > into hammocks now!
      > Thanks for the idea, as well as the continual experimentation!

      Great story Patrick! I am glad you stayed dry. It is fun watching a
      lot of water accumulating on the ground. I have spent many nights
      trying to keep my sleeping bag dry in a tent in those conditions. It is
      much easier for me in the hammock.

      Keep experimenting and learning.

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