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321Hammock Camping Re: Attn Coy Boy

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  • starnescr <starnescr@yahoo.com>
    Jan 28, 2003

      I dont think there is any more head room in the crib but the head
      room is longer. Think of a van compared to a VW beetle. The Crib is
      much romier inside but I can actuall get more stuf in my HH. For
      instance I hang my shoes ove the ridge line. With the poles now
      outsice the Crib LEX you loose a potential overhead storage tie out.
      However I would be fairly simple to add a small loop of nylon
      overhead right under where the poles pass through. Out in the
      middle any weight hanging would cause quite a bit of sag. I will
      probably add such a loop at the foot end arch for my shoes (after
      the testing is over. Thanks for the questions. I'm making notes on
      allthis and will be adding headroom measurments ect to my field

      Coy Boy

      -- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "David Chinell"
      <dchinell@m...> wrote:
      > Coy Boy:
      > Thanks for expressing your opinion. I already have the
      > Expedition and UltraLight models of the HH. I love using the
      > Nomad Travel Tropical hammock, too. And I picked up a couple
      > of Crazy Creek hammocks -- just the simple ones.
      > I was interested in the LEX as a possible way to get my
      > partner, Rita, out in a hammock more often. Did the LEX seem
      > roomier inside, compared to the HH? I'm talking about the
      > apparent headroom between the hammock and the bugnet.
      > I'm reading Ed's book right now, and am really intrigued by
      > the idea of tying a hammock out of cloth.
      > Of all the systems I've seen, the Crazy Creek webbing seemed
      > like the neatest UNTIL I read Ed's method which also uses
      > 1-inch webbing, but requires no buckle and stays put on the
      > trunk at the location you attach it. (Unlike the Crazy Creek
      > which can slide up and down the trunk until you tighten it a
      > bit.)
      > I'm waiting until Ed gets the polyester straps set up, then
      > I'm getting a bunch of them to retrofit all my simple
      > hammocks.
      > Bear
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