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  • Patrick Harper
    Oct 6, 2003
      Rick, I was just wondering if you have had a problem with condensation with the overlap pad?
      I bought some velcro tape and two blue pads.  I made an overlap pad out of one of them (securing them with velcro) and then I velcroed that to the full length pad (3 layers from shoulder to hips, one laver everywhere else.)  I just went on a geology class trip (still in school) to Arkansas this last weekend and used that pad for the first time.  I also used a 0 degree slumberjack synthetic bag.  I don't think that I really needed all of that, it didn't end up getting that cold.  Both nights I had quite a bit of condensation between the pad and the bag.  Is this a problem that you have noticed? (I don't THINK that I missed a middle of the night pee break, pretty sure it is condensation!!!) :)  This was used in a HH, hence the velcro (Trying not to have it shift on me).
      Anyway, the pad worked great!  I slept in some sweat pant type pants (pretty light weight) and a tee shirt and ended up having to unzip my bag b/c I got too warm.  I think that the temp maybe got down to 40s.
      The good thing is that on the last night of the trip it opened up and poured!  My first hammock experience through a rain storm, kept me up checking to be sure I was staying dry ( I didn't have the fly battened down too tightly b/c of condensation).  Quite a bit of wind, as well.  We were up on the top of one of the Ouachita mtns.  Stayed nice and dry, unlike most of the other people.  The ground got supersaturated and we ended up with ~1inch puddles everywhere on the ground.  Needless to say I think that everybody on the trip is going to look into hammocks now!
      Thanks for the idea, as well as the continual experimentation!
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      Hi Scott,

      > Is this using your new bag as pictured in your AT trip report, where it is
      > overtop/surrounding your hammock? I am refering to the pic that of your
      > setup
      > inside a shleter. Or is this with the bag inside the hammock (only
      > surrounding
      > you)?

      Actually I have two bags that are the same color.  The one in the picture from
      the AT is my polarguard bag.  I was using it with just a little BS pad (15x36
      inches) and was quite cold in 45 degree weather.  I had to wear my long
      underwear and my FroggToggs.  It was a little frightening to be using ALL my
      cold protection.  I generally like to have a layer of protection left.  The only
      trick left up my sleeve would have been to get up and start a fire or do some

      The new down bag is also light blue, and the IR thermometer measurements on the
      site are using it like a regular sleeping bag in the hammock, on top of the
      "overlap pad" as I have described elsewhere on my homepages. 

      > Thanks for the info. Glad someone has the time and inclination to do the
      > testing that many of us "lurkers" dream about.

      Thanks for the kudos Scott. 
      I just thought it was time to get more detail than "it slept warm". 

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