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3130Re: Hammock Camping Re: Success at 23 degrees F

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  • ra1@imrisk.com
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Hi Scott,

      > Is this using your new bag as pictured in your AT trip report, where it is
      > overtop/surrounding your hammock? I am refering to the pic that of your
      > setup
      > inside a shleter. Or is this with the bag inside the hammock (only
      > surrounding
      > you)?

      Actually I have two bags that are the same color. The one in the picture from
      the AT is my polarguard bag. I was using it with just a little BS pad (15x36
      inches) and was quite cold in 45 degree weather. I had to wear my long
      underwear and my FroggToggs. It was a little frightening to be using ALL my
      cold protection. I generally like to have a layer of protection left. The only
      trick left up my sleeve would have been to get up and start a fire or do some

      The new down bag is also light blue, and the IR thermometer measurements on the
      site are using it like a regular sleeping bag in the hammock, on top of the
      "overlap pad" as I have described elsewhere on my homepages.

      > Thanks for the info. Glad someone has the time and inclination to do the
      > testing that many of us "lurkers" dream about.

      Thanks for the kudos Scott.
      I just thought it was time to get more detail than "it slept warm".

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