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3126Re: Success at 23 degrees F

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  • Scott A. Ferguson
    Oct 3, 2003
      > Equipment: Risk's Bag, tightened around my neck, fleece balaclava,
      > polypropylene long underwear tops and bottoms, nylon shorts. Sealskinz socks
      > over polypropylene socks. Quarterweight hammock with bugnet closed and with
      > Target overlap pad. 5x10 foot tarp over hammock.

      Is this using your new bag as pictured in your AT trip report, where it is
      overtop/surrounding your hammock? I am refering to the pic that of your setup
      inside a shleter. Or is this with the bag inside the hammock (only surrounding

      Thanks for the info. Glad someone has the time and inclination to do the
      testing that many of us "lurkers" dream about. Must get off my "lazy a$$" and
      try some of this myself.


      Scott A. Ferguson
      Halifax, Nova Scotia

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