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3107Re: Coy's spelling/ was Re: first attempt at a homemade hammock

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2003

      Oh, right, blame your unique spelling style on me!  Why not blame me for world hunger while you are at it?  BTW, have you considered using a spelling check program?  I screen most outgoing E-mails with one.  They don't catch everything, but can be helpful.

      Every time I have to do a double take on the computer's suggestion versus my typing, I remember going through similar type program with a special needs student.  The sentence to be corrected read "You are such a 'BROTHER!'"  The correction choices were mother, bother, and another word or two.  I still crack up because in her young life experience, she hadn't heard someone referred to as a "bother," so, he correction was to "you are such a 'BROTHER!'"  WOW!  8-)


        From: "Coy" <starnescr@...>
      Subject: Re: first attempt at a homemade hammock

      It's all Rosaleens fault.  Ever since she made fun of my spelling it
      has been a curse LOL.

      Coy Boy