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3106Re: off topic -- diy wood burning backpacking stove

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  • Coy
    Oct 1, 2003
      Hi Ray

      Thanks for sharing.

      I was trying to imagin where the fire grate (screen) goes. I assume
      just above the bottom primary air inlets but a quote from
      the "description section says "A fire grate (wire screen) is fitted
      to the bottom of the can to allow even distribution of the primary
      air to the bottom of the fuel supply." It does go up from the
      bottom about an inch, right? Also how do you attach the grate?

      I am impressed that it will burn so long on one 2 oz load of fuel.
      I was expecting it to need reloaded like i hear the Zip and other
      similar stoves need. I also like that it dosent need a battery.
      I'm guessing the liquid fuel pre starter serves a similar function
      in getting it going good then drafting takes over.

      What can are you using. I have a maxwell house coffe can which would
      probably work great. I might even leave it tall and use part of the
      can for pot supports. It is 4 inches across and 7 inches tall. I
      would put the primary air inlets around the bottom, the grate just
      above that, the slits for secondary air about mid way up the can and
      cut the top down about 1 inch leaving 4 prongs about half an inch
      wide for a pot support. I really like no fan or battery to worry

      Coy Boy

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      > > I will put together a web page with some
      > > pictures and additional detail. Comments are welcome.
      > see: http://raygarlington.50mb.org/WoodGasStove/WoodGasStove.htm
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