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3103Re: Hammock Camping Pads and Bags... Darn cold weather..

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  • Rick
    Oct 1, 2003

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      >I have read a lot of the older threads regarding this subject and I
      >wanted to bounce some ideas off of people. I have a 0 degree
      >slumberjack blue thunder bag, as well as a $15 coleman fleece bag
      >from Target. I also have the infamous "blue pad" from target and an
      >old-school thermarest (metal valve and all!)

      This is some good stuff to be able to work with as you tailor your
      preparations for the cold.

      >I have tried sleeping with the thermarest inside my mummy bag and
      >then had the coleman fleece inside (on top of the pad). This seems
      >to work alright, but only if I am wearing quite a bit of clothes and
      >it isn't that cold out (upper 30s to lower 40s). One of my
      >questions is "does having the pad inside the bag take away from the
      Nothing wrong with having the pad inside your bag, except that it starts
      to get a little crowded. The first real problem with the thermorest pad
      is that it is not very wide. Many people's shoulders or back end up
      pressing against the bag and then the unpadded hammock . This gives
      very little insulation thickness between you and the cold outside. The
      second problem is that the pad must be inflated pretty well to actually
      have any thickness at its thinnest spots. Those thin spots will get
      pretty cold.

      >I was thinking about rigging an overlap pad from the blue pad and
      >using that in conjunction with the thermarest (or getting another
      >cheap closed cell pad). Have people tried this? I know that I have
      >to have the overlap pad outside of my bag, as it won't fit inside,
      >but should I also have the other pad outside my mummy bag? Also,
      >would the thermarest or another cheap closed cell foam pad be
      >better? Or would having two pads not help that much (as far as a
      >warmth vs. weight debate)?

      I am glad to see you are going to try the overlap pad. We have had no
      other reports, other than my (biased) ones. I do not know if you will
      be able to juggle the two or three pads inside a HH . I developed the
      overlap pad for a hammock with a double bottom. That double bottom
      holds the pads in place and does not let them slip around. Let us know
      how you do. I have used two foam pads in a HH. And a Garlington
      Insulator. It kept me warm all night to 5 degrees on a snowy day last
      January. At those temperatures we use everything and every trick we have!

      >I just got the blue pad so I haven't tried it yet.
      Then time's a wasting!

      I look forward to your reports this next couple months Patrick.

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