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3093Re: Pads and Bags... Darn cold weather..

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  • Coy
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Hi Pactrick.

      I would guess having the pad inside the sleeping bag would be a tad
      warmmer but not much. But a therm-a-Rest is not as warm as a blue
      foam (well the thin 1 in therm-a-rest anyways). So to answer your
      question, the wide blue foam under the bag and a smaller cut to fit
      blue foam inside should do the trick. But if not add more foam.
      Really nothing but simple laws of phisics at work. It is one reason
      so many have been experimenting with different types of suspended
      blankets to hang under the hammock. You get a higer loft (more
      insulation) but dont have to lug several bulky pads around. On the
      brightside for pads that is, they are cheap and dont weigh much. I
      have no remorse using 2 pads for cold weather. Still more
      comfortable than the ground. You can experiment with several types
      of padding but the less comperssable the better.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "freak_of_nature_98"
      <pharper@k...> wrote:
      > I have a HH that I absolutely love! I am wanting to use it 4
      > (as do most people, it seems!) and had some questions.
      > I have read a lot of the older threads regarding this subject and
      > wanted to bounce some ideas off of people. I have a 0 degree
      > slumberjack blue thunder bag, as well as a $15 coleman fleece bag
      > from Target. I also have the infamous "blue pad" from target and
      > old-school thermarest (metal valve and all!)
      > I have tried sleeping with the thermarest inside my mummy bag and
      > then had the coleman fleece inside (on top of the pad). This
      > to work alright, but only if I am wearing quite a bit of clothes
      > it isn't that cold out (upper 30s to lower 40s). One of my
      > questions is "does having the pad inside the bag take away from
      > insulating?"
      > I was thinking about rigging an overlap pad from the blue pad and
      > using that in conjunction with the thermarest (or getting another
      > cheap closed cell pad). Have people tried this? I know that I
      > to have the overlap pad outside of my bag, as it won't fit inside,
      > but should I also have the other pad outside my mummy bag? Also,
      > would the thermarest or another cheap closed cell foam pad be
      > better? Or would having two pads not help that much (as far as a
      > warmth vs. weight debate)?
      > I just got the blue pad so I haven't tried it yet.
      > Sorry that this is so long, as well as confusing ;), Thank you in
      > advance for you replies.
      > -Patrick
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